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Neroli Perfume


Neroli Perfume by Wholistic is a beautiful all natural perfume roll on that smells amazing and can be worn as a unisex blend. A terrific antidepressant scent that is very up-lifting as well as an aphrodisiac. Plus, aromatherapy treatment provokes self-love!! 

Set an intention of love when inhaling this aroma. "I am worthy of all good things."

Benefits of Ingredients:

-Bergamot: antibacterial and reduces anxiety and stress.

-Lemon: Energizing & uplifting aroma.

-Patchouli: antidepressant, soothes inflammation, stimulates new cells growth, aphrodisiac.

-Grapefruit: stimulating, refreshing, and can be used to help boost memory.

-Rosemary: stimulating, warming, and helps boost memory.

-Ylang Ylang: relief from stress, anger, and depression, maintain healthy skin, strengthens the nervous system.

All oils are hand blended and made in small batches using only the best quality ingredients the market provides. Our products are intended to open your awareness between mind, body and spirit. It is vital before applying the oils to set an intention. All oils include a full moon charged rose quartz to expand benefit of blend.

Size: 10 ml (full moon charged quartz inside)

Directions: Set an intention of love when inhaling this aroma. "I am worthy of all good things."

Apply generously to wrists, temples, neck, or any desired area as needed. For immediate results apply liberally to palms, rub hands together and and inhale deeply. Repeat minimum 3 times to achieve aromatic effect.

Ingredients: Bergamot, Lemon, Patchouli, Grapefruit, Rosemary, Ylang Ylang, and Cold pressed organic carrier oils: jojoba and vitamin E.