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Brain Power


Brain Power by Wholistic is a great formula that helps with your memory and to boost focus while clearing your mind. Great to use before the gym, work, or when you need to wake up!

Set an intention of mental clarity, power, and focus while applying this blend. "I am powerful. I am strong."

Benefits of Ingredients:

-Rosemary: improves memory, balance hormones.

-Lemon: mood elevation, promotes weight loss, purification.

-Balsam Fir: general body stimulant.

-Basil: pain relief, enhances skin, helps with stress.

-Ginger: mental stress relief, exhaustion, and anxiety.

-Lemongrass: uplifting aroma, mental focus, retention.

All oils are hand blended and made in small batches using only the best quality ingredients the market provides. Our products are intended to open your awareness between mind, body and spirit. It is vital before applying the oils to set an intention. Each blend has a full moon charged rose quartz to expand oils benefits.

Sizes: 10 ml

Directions: Set an intention of power and focus while applying this blend. "I am powerful. I am strong."

Apply generously to wrists, temples, neck, or any desired area as needed. For immediate results apply liberally to palms, rub hands together and and inhale deeply. Repeat minimum 3 times to achieve aromatic effect.

Ingredients: Made from organic, wild-crafted lemon, rosemary, basil, ginger, lemon-grass mixed in our unique blend of carrier oils, all cold pressed and organic. They are grape seed oil, sunflower oil, apricot oil, hazelnut oil, jojoba oil, sesame and almond oil.

All 100% pure organic and/or wildcrafted essential oils.