Oil Cleansing FAQ

Oil Cleansing FAQ
Is it normal to have blemishes the first week or two?

Yes. This process is called “purging,” and it’s perfectly normal. With purging, you may see whiteheads or bumps in the areas where you normally have problems. Purging should completely subside within one month. (A “breakout” or adverse reaction to the product is different and characterized by redness in a large area with red cysts.)

Should I feel a thin layer of oil after cleansing?

Yes. Oil cleansers do not strip all of the skin’s sebum. They leave behind a healthy layer of natural oil to protect and moisturize.

Do the Oil Cleanse and Blemish Cleanse remove makeup?

Yes. Oil Cleanse and Blemish Cleanse are very effective at removing makeup, along with the daily contaminants that accumulate on our skin.

Do I need to use soap?

No. You don’t need to use soap at all when oil cleansing. Oil Cleanse and Blemish Cleanse are effective cleansers in their own right. However, we understand if you can’t give up your favorite soap right away. Just by adding Oil Cleanse or Blemish Cleanse to your skincare ritual as a pretreatment, you’ll see significant improvements. With time you may let go of soap altogether and trust in the power of oil cleansing.

Will my face appear oily?

No. Your face will actually appear less oily. You’re not stripping the sebum from the surface of your skin, so your body will not try to replenish a dry surface with extra oil production.