• Essential Oils: An Essential Ingredient in Morada Pure Soaps!
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Essential Oils: An Essential Ingredient in Morada Pure Soaps!

Essential Oils: An Essential Ingredient in Morada Pure Soaps!

Essential Oils: An Essential Ingredient in Morada Pure Soaps!

Essential oils have been an important part of aromatherapy for a long time, but did you know that they also used to be used abundantly in ancient traditional medicines? Our modern scientific community is still exploring the potential uses for essential oils in therapy and medicine, but one thing we do know is that each essential oil has its own unique properties and benefits. That’s why this week on the blog, we’re going to talk about the essential oils found in our signature, all-natural Morada Pure castile soaps!

As you may have read in our post from January on the basics of our castile soap, this amazing soap is all-natural, made from just 5-7 ingredients depending on the scent. The soap has a sunflower & coconut oil base that makes it naturally moisturizing and perfectly thick--and these natural plant oils are a great eco-friendly and vegan alternative to the animal fats used in most conventional soaps. Additionally, castile soap is a multipurpose powerhouse; it can be used in limitless ways, including as an all-purpose cleaner, a natural body wash, a makeup brush cleaner, and so much more. At Morada Pure, we have five signature house-made scents (as well as two limited edition ones!) that make our collection of Castile Soaps unique, and each one has a different blend of amazing essential oils that give it special properties:

  1. Lemongrass Castile Soap
    Our lemongrass soap is made with only two essential oils, and one much more than the other: lemongrass and rosemary. Lemongrass essential oil is antimicrobial & antiseptic, meaning it kills bacteria and keeps things clean naturally! Additionally, lemongrass essential oil is known for its mood-enhancing properties--so if you’re feeling down, pump some of our lemongrass soap into the bath and take a relaxing soak surrounded by the sweet scent of lemongrass!
    Rosemary essential oil is also known for its antibacterial & antiseptic properties, so in combination with lemongrass, it creates a bacteria-fighting dynamic duo. Additionally, rosemary essential oil is anti-inflammatory, so if you’ve got swollen or irritated skin, a little rosemary essential oil might help!
  2. Peppermint Castile Soap
    We kept our peppermint castile soap simple: it only has one essential oil in it (and I don’t think I need to tell you which one!). Peppermint essential oil has a whole host of incredible properties; it’s a mild anesthetic, astringent, and decongestant along with its antiseptic properties. That’s why you often feel a slight tingling effect with both peppermint soaps as well as peppermint candies and mints! The natural anesthetic & astringent properties of the peppermint essential oil make it an amazing addition to a skincare regimen to keep blemishes at bay or help nullify the pain of an existing breakout. Not to mention, the decongestant properties make peppermint essential oil the perfect thing to help with that nagging cold; for easier breathing and relief from sinus & chest congestion, dilute a few pumps of our peppermint castile soap in a bowl of steaming water. Then, gently drape a towel over your head and breathe in the minty steam from the bowl--an easy natural remedy for bothersome cold & allergy symptoms this time of year!
  3. Lavender Castile Soap
    Like our peppermint soap, we didn’t want to distract from the amazing scent of high quality natural English lavender that makes our Lavender castile soap so soothing to use. And that’s exactly what lavender is known for; with calming, sleep-inducing properties alongside antifungal, antiseptic, and disinfectant ones, the lavender essential oil in our lavender castile soap will not only keep you squeaky clean and ward off bacteria & fungal infection but will also soothe the mind and calm the senses. For an indulgent relaxation experience, try adding a few pumps to a bath or using the soap to hand-wash your pillowcase and make it smell heavenly!
  4. Key Lime Castile Soap
    For a real South Florida-style treat, try our Key Lime soap--this restorative natural soap is made with a special type of lime essential oil exclusively created with Key Limes to bring you that refreshing & unique citrus scent associated with South Florida (and a certain delicious dessert!). The Key Lime essential oil found in our castile soap boasts antiseptic & antibacterial properties along with antiviral ones, making this soap, in particular, a great choice for washing your hands during flu season or diluting to use as a household cleaner if someone in your home has been sick recently. A little of this soap in one of our travel-size 2oz bottles makes a wonderful companion in your purse, backpack, or car as a replacement for conventional hand sanitizers!
  5. Lemon Mint Castile Soap
    Last but not least, our lemon mint soap combines peppermint essential oil with zesty lemon essential oil for a refreshing scent that is sure to wake up your skin and senses! We’ve already talked about the wonderful properties of peppermint essential oil, but lemon essential oil adds some great new benefits to the mix: it’s a natural bactericidal, meaning that it not only wards off bacteria but actually kills bacteria on contact. In addition, this oil is antiviral, disinfectant, and restorative, making it the perfect addition to our soap collection. In combination with peppermint, it kills bacteria, fights viruses, and brightens and refreshes skin for an amazing feeling with every wash!

So there you have it! Those are the essential oils that make our line of Morada Pure Castile Soaps so refreshing, not to mention help us fight bacteria naturally without the use of harsh detergents and harmful chemicals. Plus, right now we have two limited edition scents that combine some of our favorite essential oils from our main line: Lavender Lemon and Lavender Mint! These two limited edition soaps combine the soothing and antibacterial properties of lavender essential oil with one of our two favorite invigorating oils: lemon or mint.

Best of all, for a limited time, we are giving away a free gift with any purchase of one of our 2 oz apothecary bottles filled with your choice of Morada Pure castile soap! I keep my 2 oz bottle in my purse, and I can’t tell you how often it comes in handy; I’m always finding myself in bathrooms that either soaps filled with toxic chemicals or have no soap at all (you know how those public park & beach bathrooms can be). No matter what situation I find myself in, though, it is nice to know that I have my favorite trusty Morada Pure soap by my side, filled with natural plant goodness and these amazing essential oils! ♡ Which scent is your favorite? How do you use essential oils in your everyday life? Let us know!


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