Deodorant Detox: Why (and How) to Make the Switch to an All-Natural Deodorant!

Deodorant Detox: Why (and How) to Make the Switch to an All-Natural Deodorant!

Deodorant Detox: Why (and How) to Make the Switch to an All-Natural Deodorant!

We all need deodorant, and grabbing the first one you see on the shelf at your local grocery store is a convenient way to stock up on super-necessary products (especially if you live in Florida like us, where the heat and humidity make deodorant all the more important). But what does that tube of drugstore deodorant actually contain? You might be surprised (and a little concerned).

Becoming Anti-Antiperspirant

Most deodorants at the grocery or drugstore are more than just deodorants, they’re antiperspirants too. This means that they actually work to block the body’s natural ability to sweat--an important way our bodies detoxify themselves naturally. Blocking sweat might sound awesome, but it’s not healthy or natural for your body, and can actually make your sweat much worse over time! If you’ve ever used a conventional deodorant religiously and accidentally forgotten it one day, you’ll know what I mean: your body gets accustomed to the sweat-blocking abilities of your deodorant and actually learns to overproduce sweat and bacteria as a response. Not good!

Even worse are the ingredients in conventional deodorants that help accomplish this sweat-blocking task. The most common is aluminum--that’s right, like the metal--which actually travels through the sweat glands in your pits and chemically blocks them. Aluminum has been linked to some pretty terrible health issues too, including breast cancer and Alzheimer’s, and it’s no wonder: it’s blocking your body from performing a natural and vital detoxification process. Other common ingredients in conventional deodorants include:

  • Phthalates: You don’t want these in any of your products. They’ve been linked to hormone imbalances and even infertility, and are common in drugstore deodorants, shampoos, and perfumes.
  • Parabens: Like phthalates, parabens are hormone disruptors and are known for mimicking estrogen in the body, leading to imbalances. Yuck!
  • Formaldehyde: I don’t think I even need to get into why this one is bad for you. A well-known carcinogen.

Deodorant Detoxing

If you’ve used a conventional deodorant for years, there’s probably a buildup of aluminum and other toxic chemical ingredients in your pits, but don’t fret--you can flush them out! Keep in mind, though, that it will be a process.

This is where the deodorant detox comes in! Quitting conventional deodorants is not easy and takes some dedication, but the results are so worth it. So, if you’re ready to flush all those toxic chemicals and aluminum out of your skin, here are some steps to take:

  1. Get rid of those drugstore deodorants! Anything with aluminum or any of the other ingredients listed above needs to go. I know it’s tough, and maybe even a little bit scary--after all, no one wants to be sweaty and smelly--but remember that the skin is the largest organ in the body, and taking care of it properly is important!
  2. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Taking care to make sure you’re drinking enough water while you detox your pits is a vital step: hydration will help your body flush out the aluminum and toxins. In addition, extra water will help stimulate circulation to your lymph nodes, two of which are located in--you guessed it--your armpits!
  3. Clay mask your underarms! It may sound (and look) a little crazy, but bentonite clay will help draw toxins from the skin on your armpits and can hasten the detox process & help with extra sweat & body odor while you’re detoxing. I recommend using Osea’s Red Algae Mask, incredible detoxifying algae & clay mask for the face that will also work wonders on the underarms! Try applying it for about half the recommended time, making sure to watch out for any minor burning sensations. If the clay mask is uncomfortable for any reason, take it off--this step isn’t always best for sensitive underarms! If it feels fine, though, increase the setting time to 10, 15, or even 20 minutes as you and your pits adjust to the detox!
  4. Don’t freak if you’re suddenly smellier & sweatier than ever. This is the hardest part of the detox, put the extra body odor and sweat production you may experience when quitting conventional deodorants is actually a really healthy part of the process! Your skin is purging all that aluminum and nasty stuff that was being put into it for years, and that can be an unpleasant experience. Just try to give your underarms some extra love in the shower, and don’t be embarrassed if you have to wash them more than once a day. And remember: your body odor and sweat production will even out soon! Depending on the person, it might take as little as a few days or as long as a month, but it will get better! Don’t give up!
  5. You don’t have to feel the burn. If you find that your underarms are itching, red, or burning when you make the switch to an all-natural product, don’t worry! You’re probably just sensitive to baking soda, a super common skin sensitivity and the main ingredient in a lot of natural deodorants. Fortunately, the majority of the natural deodorants we carry at Morada Pure are baking soda free, so you can make the switch without the itch. For sensitive underarms, I recommend trying Meow Meow Tweet Baking Soda Free Deodorant, which comes in both a Cream and a Stick form (and with some truly amazing scents and adorable packaging).

Green Beauty Deodorant Detox

Choosing your new all-natural BDF (Best Deodorant Friend)

Now it’s time to pick out your new, improved, better-for-you-and-the-world deodorant! There are a ton of amazing options out there for the all-natural deodorant, and it is important to find the right one for you--after all, you’ll be wearing it every day! There are a couple things to keep in mind when looking for your new deodorant, so here a couple recommendations:

  1. Natural Deodorant Stick: If you want to stick to sticks, you have options! Not every natural deodorant has to be applied with your fingers. My personal favorite is Meow Meow Tweet’s Lavender Bergamot Deodorant Stick, but there’s also a citrusy Grapefruit scent (which is baking soda free) and a refreshing Eucalyptus Lemon. Best of all, all of Meow Meow Tweet’s sticks come in biodegradable tubes covered the cutest hand drawn illustrations in the world! Prefer to keep it unscented though? We’ve got you covered. Try Ursa Major’s No B.S. Deodorant, an unscented, all-natural tube of goodness with no baking soda! This is a great option for guys including the sensitive ones.
  2. Natural Deodorant Cream: Want to keep it simple and leave the packaging at the door? Allow me to introduce you to an all natural deodorant cream. With no baking soda, sensitive skin can rejoice with these effective and (I can speak from experience) long-lasting deodorant creams from Meow Meow Tweet, including gentle scents of Lavender, Grapefruit, and Tea Tree. These creams are made with arrowroot powder to keep your underarms dry, along with natural plant butters to soothe sensitive skin and essential oils to fight bacteria the natural way!
  3. Stick or Cream What’s The Difference?: The only difference between these two are the control of the application. With a cream, you can easily apply more than a stick. Though we think the stick form applies just the right amount!

Remember, if you have sensitive skin, I’d recommend steering clear of formulas with baking soda, and if you have really sensitive and dry skin, formulas with clay may not be best for you either. If you’re not into sticking your fingers in your pits, a stick product will work better for you and make your transition to all-natural easier. And lastly, if you’re still not sure, take some time to browse our entire natural deodorant page and find the product best for you!

Detoxing from anything is never an easy process, and deodorant is no exception. The detox process will take time, and if your detox takes longer than someone else’s, don’t worry! The process is different for everyone, and depending on how many years you’ve spent wearing conventional deodorant, it can take awhile. But letting your underarms shed those nasty chemicals and toxins are so good for your body, and I promise--it’s worth it!

Xoxo & happy detoxing!

Morada Pure

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