Castile Soap 101: What is it?

Castile Soap 101: What is it?


Castile Soap 101: What is it?

Castile soap: you’ve probably heard of it--but what sets it apart from other soap? What makes it better and more “natural” than other soap, and does it still pull its weight in cleansing? Let’s dive into the origins of castile soap, its benefits over other kinds of soap, and an overview of all the handmade, natural castile soaps we’ve created here at Morada Pure!

Origins: Where did castile soap come from?

The origins of castile soap go back centuries to the eastern Mediterranean, where soap makers have been creating olive and laurel oil based soaps for thousands of years. During the medieval period, these oil-based soaps were brought over to western Europe and popularized in the Castile region of Spain. However, in Spain, as soap makers found laurel oil more difficult to come by, the olive oil-based soap became widely popular--and it was then that the soap took its name from the region!

From that point on, castile soap was a popular plant-based alternative to soaps made with a base of animal fat. Castile soap utilizes the naturally occurring lipids in plant oils (in most cases, olive oil) instead of fats from animals that are found in most “normal” soaps. As a result, castile soap is an entirely vegan cleaning product, and is the soap of choice for eco-conscious individuals!

The Benefits of Natural & Organic Castile Soap

There are tons of benefits to castile soap, the first and most obvious being that it’s all natural--free of the harsh detergents and toxic chemicals found in most soaps. Imagine prepping dinner with freshly washed hands; now imagine doing it with residue from chemicals. Unfortunately, chemicals, unforgiving detergents, and animal by-products top the ingredient list of most big-brand soaps at the grocery and drugstore. Castile soap, on the other hand, is made with naturally occurring plant oils, water, and essential oils, utilizing the natural (and scientific) power of the soap molecules in combination with water to trap dirt and germs and wash them away from the skin.

Another awesome benefit of using organic castile soap is simply the high standard of quality of the ingredients. Our castile soaps are made with organic, GMO-free plant oils, ethically sourced using fair-trade business practices. This also means that our castile soaps are entirely biodegradable and contain absolutely nothing that can’t go back to the earth--backpackers and campers rejoice! With no animal by-products and cruelty-free sourcing, organic castile soap is the number one choice in cleaning for people conscious of the environment, sustainability, fair trade business, and animal cruelty.

I could go on and on about the countless benefits of castile soap, but I’ll close with this one: it’s incredibly versatile. From hand washing to house cleaning, all organic castile soap is the perfect all-natural cleanser for almost everything in your home. It makes an incredible, gentle body wash, as well as an effective cleaner for makeup brushes, sponges, and washcloths in the bathroom. Beyond that, you can dilute it for an all-purpose household cleaner, laundry detergent, and even pet shampoo (though you should be careful to check the ingredients of your chosen soap if you plan on using it for your pets or for babies--varieties with essential oils, for instance, are not suitable for cats and may irritate the skin of other pets and babies). All in all, though, it’s an unbelievably versatile product--and one that can reduce your footprint on the environment a lot if you use it in place of soaps and household cleaners with toxic chemicals!


Morada Pure Organic Liquid Castile Soaps

Our Castile Soap

There are tons of castile soap brands out there, and the definition of a true “castile soap” has become a little blurred, with some brands offering up soaps labeled as “castile” that still use detergents or toxic antibacterial additives. With our own Morada Pure house-made castile soap, you don’t have to worry about any unnatural additives--our soaps are made with all natural and organic ingredients, and our carefully crafted scents--created with precise blends of essential oils--keep our customers coming back again and again! Our scents include Lavender, Lemongrass, Peppermint, Lemon + Mint, and Key Lime, all developed over the course of many years to strike the perfect aromatherapeutic balance.

If you’re in the Tampa area, stop by our brick-and-mortar location to test out our soaps for yourself in our beautiful farm sink, and choose your favorite to be pumped on tap into one of our gorgeous glass apothecary bottles! Plus, you’ll have an excuse to come back into the shop once in awhile to get your bottles refilled (and hang out with us, of course).

If you’re outside of the Tampa area, you can still get our signature soaps online, where you can purchase the glass bottle and the soap together for your first visit, and then purchase the soap refills on their own--that way you don’t have to buy a new bottle for every refill, and our glass stays out of the landfill!

At Morada Pure, our organic castile soap is our touchstone, and we have worked so hard to perfect it so that you can feel as good about what you put on your skin (and on your home’s surfaces) as what you put in your body. We hope you love it as much as we do! And stay tuned for a future blog post, which will feature a bunch of the unique ways you can use our castile soaps beyond just hand washing. :-)

The first month of this new year is passing quickly, and we wish you a bright, clean, sparkling season ahead! Is it too early to be dreaming of spring cleaning and flowers blooming? Oh well--we can’t help it! Here’s to happy, healthy, beautiful, and fulfilling months ahead!



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