Healthy Skincare Tips + Banning Microbeads

Healthy Skincare Tips + Banning Microbeads

Healthy Skincare Tips

We always get excited when one of our blogs goes up on the Enlightenment For Everyone blog page! It makes us so happy to think that our healthy approach and philosophy is reaching more people everyday! Our post this week is on Tiffany's recommendations for beautiful healthy skin with five easy skincare tips you can start today! Check it out and help us spread the word by sharing!

Scrubs + Banning Microbeads

One of our key points on our new Enlightenment For Everyone Blog is on scrubs. Perfect timing with the new news on California banning microbeads, congratulations California! Microbeads can be found in many products from face and body scrubs aka exfoliants, to cleansers, and even toothpaste. California is one of six states who have banned microbeads and California with the most stringent banning both synthetic and biodegradable microbeads. Some companies have started to take microbeads out of their products but many of the bans do not officially take effect for years from now, for example California's bill is effective January 1, 2020. Until all states have banned microbeads you can feel assured that the scrubs and other products we sell at Morada Pure will never contain microbeads or other hidden toxic ingredients to you or to our environment.

Microbeads Explained

What are microbeads exactly? Microbeads are super small tiny pieces of plastic and are typically listed as polyethylene on the back of your products ingredients list. There are several other names these microbeads can fall under and you can read and learn more about them at the Story Of Stuff. Using microbeads can effect our health and when they go down the drain they effect our environments health. These microbeads end up in our waterways harming the health of wildlife and are being found in the fish we eat! Simply put, no one wants to eat plastic so use your purchasing power and help do your part to eliminate microbeads

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