April News + Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day!

We strive to do our part making Earth Day an everyday event.  From our refillable soaps to so many of our eco-conscious brands.  We love the thought of how not using products filled with chemicals on ourselves, family, and friends also helps eliminate the chemicals we expose our planet to.  

Recently, according to the New York Times "For decades, the Food and Drug Administration has had fewer than a dozen pages of instructions for how to regulate the millions of lipsticks, moisturizers and other cosmetics sold each year."  A bipartisan bill now proposes to give the FDA a broader oversight, including the authority to force recalls of dangerous products.  

If your still buying products filled with parabens, fragrance, or so called proprietary blends of ingredients companies don't want to disclose, we challenge you this Earth Day to make a difference.  Let us or your local natural green beauty store help guide you to at least one natural green beauty product that will make a difference today and everyday.  Do it for yourself, your family, your friends, and for the planet that we all call home.  

Happy Earth Day, Everyday!  Xo Tiffany

Have you heard?  Our organic castile soap is in the new and beautiful Amara Cay Resort!  We are so thrilled that the thousands of guest will get to enjoy a organic castile soap.  What makes castile soap better than regular hand soap?  Here are just a few reasons why:

  • Made from vegetable oil, olive oil to be exact instead of animal fats or synthetic ingredients.
  • Made from ingredients that are also better for the environment.  Meaning no synthetics ingredients down the drain and entering the waste water stream making for minimal environmental impact.
  • Multiple uses from cleaning hands, counter tops, floors, and more.
  • Never leaves your hands feeling dry and actually helps keep hands moisturized.

Go enjoy a fantastic dining experience at Oltemare in Amara Cay and a tropical Vacation getaway and don't forget to check our soaps out while your there!

As we always promise, new products are in weekly and we are also continuing to grow our brands.  To name a few we have: a deodorant from Agent Nateur who is a new brand to Morada Pure, as well as a new deodorant from Soapwalla (top picture) who's original scented deodorant is a store bestseller!  Last but not least is a lip balm by Hurraw in Almond.  

Organic castile soaps are also in stock!  Currently we have Organic Lemongrass and the new scent Lemon + Mint that we worked very hard on by your requests!  Also coming soon is the beloved Organic Lavender and Rosemary + Peppermint soap so keep watching!


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